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*, Primary Volts, Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5  Fender Transformer Codes. I was just reading some of your responses about Jonny Lang’s Deluxe Reverb 1980 Fender Bandmaster Reverb head in road-worn condition. It is disclosed solely for use by qualified technicians for purposes of equipment maintenance and service. Items. RoHS Compliant This pdf kindly supplied by the most excellent Fender Customer Service department in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. It it's multi-voltage primary, the high side can be different colors. This amp is almost entirely original and has the highly coveted original Jensen C10q speakers. Material used & design specs. A missing/failed grid resistor lets the grid "float" to "any" voltage. The choke and reverb transformer are from early '68 and the serial number shows 1968 so the amp could be from mid '68. Best Prices on Fender Transformers, Power Transformer, Output Transformer, Call For Assistance Fender Power Transformer, Bullet 15 DSP, 0025413000 Submitted by gpadmin on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 22:20 Power or OT? By playing around with the transformer, and a familiarity with color codes, you can often figure out what they are. 120v. But it really came into its own in the famous 45-watt 2x12" piggyback configuration (ultimately discontinued in 1974). It is rated 100 watt at 4 ohms for 4 6L6GC tubes or 8 ohms for two 6L6GC tubes. 5 (35W) Watt Triode USA Output Transformer for Dynaco MADE IN USA $104. transformer codes: 606-6-26, 606630 and 8316634. I didn't find a single difference between the schematic and amp. The main power transformer has CSA 827 EIA 606-737 on it and the wire insulation is cloth. By using the procedures outlined here, you should be able to identify the windings so the next time you discover the transformer in the set you are about to restore is defective, perhaps one of those spare transformers will qualify as a replacement unit. 1 . This amp is running a small power transformer so that 45's, 2A3's and 300B's can be used. as well as other reference material both in my personal vintage guitar library and the internet, Please enjoy this information and use it as a guide to helping date your vintage guitar or vintage Should ab165 tube amp known to be used two 4 ohm load. Vintage Original Fender Power Transformer. The caps in the doghouse or cap can have been replaced, has had a 3-prong power cord added, and everything else was checked out by Bob Isaacson when i got it. Another reason is for aesthetics in tone. Reverb and tremolo work perfectly with no unwanted artifacts. That's why we see people selling a "1956 Fender pedal steel". Definitive descriptions of Transformer and wire color code standards for tube amps. The AB763's two power tubes are set up for push-pull operation. Code formats were not completely standardized, but a little deciphering will generally yield the info of interest. $40. Dahl series of custom transformers & chokes to our transformer offering. The POWER SUPPLY heater winding produces a 6. Output Transformers, EIA codes, tubes and hot-rodding. Removed the back cover and checked the 500 mA PCB Fuse, this was not blown, checked the voltage at the input of power transformer at 240v but no output from the secondary at all, after removing the transformer and testing the primary winding it was reading open circuit. Featuring the most accurate Drake and Dagnall audio output and power transformers. Reverberation made its debut in the Fender® line as a separate item, using a spring unit bought from Hammond® , in 1961. ClassicTone # 40-18042, Fender Twin Reverb, Showman, Dual Showman, Bassman 100, Quad Reverb Style,100W Power Transformer,120/ 220/ 230/ 240V Great paper layer wound power transformer like vintage era originals! This version features multi-national power ratings of 120/220/230/240V. com) for specs and details. knob, vintage pointer. 274 is the EIA code (RCA) 9 is the last digit of the year (in this case 1949). Cream City Music is one of the world's finest gutar shops with selections including the Vintage 1966 Blackface Fender Vibrolux Reverb 35W 2x10 Tube Combo Amp. 69 (0 Bids) About us. Although a generalization, Fender's market and consequently the power output stage are geared towards provided clean and chunky tones at clean and early-overdrive levels. Note the removal of the voltage selector switch and hard-wiring. Speaker Codes And What They Mean. directly from Hammond in Buffalo NY. This amp is in very good condition. This Bandmaster’s tube chart displays a date-code stamp “JC,” denoting March, 1960. $119. Utah's will have a bit more oomph, in my opinion. 00 The 1963 Fender Bassman used the 6G6-B circuit with 5881 power tubes and 7025 preamp tubes. 5610-09353). All the preamp valve plates were about 10 volts above the specified 70, but that’s well within Fender’s plus R156. 3VAC power supply The Power Supply is typical of a Fender tube ampli- that is used for the heater filament in all of the tubes fier. The higher the letter, the higher the power rating. Like vacuum tubes, transformers are vital to the sound and performance of your amplifier. Serial Number: A28123 Transformer codes: * Power 606802 * Choke 606639 * Output 606619 * Reverb 606811 Gone is the concept of installing individual listed pressure connectors with fender washers over the vent slats at the bottom the transformer. The winding geometry as well as core material have been matched to the original. The output and reverb transformers are both original where the power and choke are replaced. The chassis code is 78-79 but I would also check the transformer and tube chart serials. Suitable Replacement Filter Choke For Fender® $17. Up for sale is my 60's blackface Fender Bandmaster head. 95 Quantity: Add to my cart Add to my wish list * Prices are in Canadian dollars Change old style Fender AC cord to grounded type. Custom manufactures transformers and inductors, as well as high frequency magnetics and power supplies. Handmade in the USA. There is no reliable way to date 2003-2005 amps other than to ask Fender customer support to look up the date from the serial number, although you may find a date code on the speaker. All guitars sold receive a 35-point inspection, ensuring an incredible playing experience. 5 Watts. 5VAC signal is tapped off from the Brown secondary of the power transformer Vintage Fender Amp Repair specializes in do-it-yourself repair, modifications & upgrades, as well as vintage Fender amp schematics and layout diagrams. 2 - 12AX7 tubes. It's no wonder that 80-watt Twins easily shredded a pair of them. The last three tell you the year and week. Blackface fender amplifiers is specifically used with power supply and transformer codes is sometimes quite challenging. The wiring is shown on the schematics but usually not the color codes. 25 x 3. Jensen special design fender speaker dates 220615, Serviced with updated caps and resistors as necessary to maintai Read More » What is the resistance and voltage on G1? With _NO_ power, G1 MUST go to ground through less than 1Meg (preferably <500K, tho Fender may cheat that). That could mean that my amp was made the 19th week of 1978. The other transformers were connected into the amp and compared to the Electra-Prints. English (rev C); Speaker Manual - English (rev A); Super Champ™ X2 Firmware. )  5F1 was Fender's internal model code for the 1950's tweed Champ. Maybe the power transformer is a 1966, that would be easier to swallow. aa764 circuit. The protect circuit is activated by a current sensing transformer in the *input* of the power supply. Note that Fender did not use the "L" rated speakers (but Ampeg and Leslie did). Orders placed in a Fry's Electronics store are shipped directly to the store. There's a lot of iron in a power transformer, so these tend to be the most expensive part in an amp and thus can potentially be the weakest link in the signal chain that contributes to quality Evatco is the preferred supplier of Hammond's classic range drop in replacement for Guitar Amplifiers, so if you need a new transformer for Marshall, Fender or Vox (and more), then have a look on line for your amp. For more on impedance matching and cabinet wiring, check our speaker wiring FAQ. Tube Amplifier Wiring Color Code The question of a wiring color code for vacuum tube circuitry is one we get quite often. They   The final line contains a date code of two printed or handwritten letters denoting the SILVERFACE AND BLACKFACE AMPS) USING TRANSFORMER CODES. I'm looking for a good source of transformer codes. here's one pdf for all 5 parts of the Showman, big thanks to b24warbaby on the Fender Discussion Page. The speaker cabinet is an early 1970s Fender Vibro Champ. Replacement for #037099. The 6V6 Supers preceded the final 5F4 version, for which Fender reverted to 6L6s with a beefier power transformer, a 12AX7 in the second preamp stage and possible then proceed with the Tube PCB/Power PCB Removal. Fender discontinued date codes in 2003. Four 12AX7/7025s, four 6L6s. For example on a power transformer, black is the primary. 5610-09658) has also been substituted for the old transformer with 8 primary and 9 secondary terminals (part no. It is a probably Fender unversal export style PT the extra leads are for different primary voltages. I have the directions forP/N 099-0752-000 it can be wired to 100v. This list is circa 1955, and some codes have been reassigned or added since that time. Take advantage of hundreds of pre-designed custom transformers. OldGuitarParts. I ran the supply up to 140 VAC, exceeding the specified limit with no problems. From left to right you have the power transformer (largest), choke (second smallest), output transformer (second largest), and reverb transformer (smallest). Fender Champ, Princeton, Vibro-Champ, Princeton Reverb, Bronco, Tweed Harvard Style Power Transformer, 125P1B, 022772 & 66079B, 120/240V Note: Filament does not have a center tap. Since I dont have a serial number to look up, can anyone identify the year of the amp these came out of by referencing the numbers included here? The first is the power transformer. Payment jurisdiction lies with the DME MACs unless otherwise specified. Unfortunately the 65 TWIN REVERB REISSUE (This is the model name for warranty claims) SERVICE MANUAL MARCH 1991 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information contained herein is CONFIDENTIAL and PROPRIETARY to Fender Musical Instruments Corp. 5W) 9. 2006 amps have a small metal “Fender 60th Anniversary” button on the back plate. Fender Power Transformer, 0073905000 For Champion 600 Fender Power Transformer, 0073905000 | Parts Is Parts - Guitar Parts, Amplifier Parts, Korg Keyboard Parts 800-590-0014 802-365-7257 The Fender and Marshall circuits are each tailored to suit their own styles, which are quite different. BKFlorida. If you look at the transformer wires, you may find a few cloth covered wires taped off as they are unused primaries. As a matter of fact, December of 1964. Matching RA codes indicate this amp was returned to Fender in 1963 for replacement speakers. Which works very good. This article should be reviewed with power transformer inspection and test plan. . An amp that will last a lifetime. As far as we know, there is standard color code for this. 00 is a heck of deal for any older Fender amp I used the date codes on the power transformer, output transformer, and choke plus the QA stamped on the tube chart to determine the date. Signed assembly tape by Lilly. The picture is a section of the basket rim of a speaker. Pots used by Fender. * Volume / Volume / Tone control. “Note the ink stamp from 1963 on the inside of the cabinet, with a Fender four-digit return authorization (RA) number,” said James. They were both replaced with the same style transformers as the original. The power transformers did have higher voltages for the pro however. com - View our excellent collection of Fender Transformers. Date codes for chassis indicates early 1980 manufacture, transformer date codes indicate 1980 components. A side benefit of solid state rectifier modules is that they don't draw heater current from the power transformer like the tube rectifier does. This is a perfect club amplifier - the larger Fender Pro sized cabinet and higher-power Fender amp appointments unique to the Tremolux model make it sound much bigger! Transformer and speaker codes are good as a "guideline" of an amp's year, but not absolute verification. com. The circuitry in Transform your sound with Marstran Transformers. In the case of the 5AR4 tube rectifier, the 5 volt heater draws 1. It puts out 50W at 4ohms and was originally sold with a 2x12 cabinet Leo Fender Fender Guitars Bass Amps Guitar Amp Cool Guitar Marshall Speaker Vintage Guitars Woodstock Rigs Identification codes: tube chart-HJ, chassis-HJ, chassis serial-D006179, Jensen P12R-220837, Triad power transformer-6452L, Triad output transformer 108, rectifier tube 5Y3GT RCA 58-35, power tubes 6V6GT Sylvania 8-52, preamp tube 12AX7 GE 58-48, 12AY7 GE 58-48. Below is the color code that Bruce Heran uses for his valve audio projects. Sometime in the Foster Transformer 394 General In this video I attempt the unenviable task of trying to explain the design and function of one the most significant, yet misunderstood, components in tube amplifiers: the Output Transformer However, the electrolytic caps in the signal path and other components are intact. Determining production date by serial number and transformer codes is better, and you should  where 322 is the manufacturer code (in this case Tungsol), 59 is the year (1959), and 04 is the week. The 1963 Fender Bassman used the 6G6-B circuit with 5881 power tubes and 7025 preamp tubes. The original Fender Bandmaster was introduced in 1953 as a 1x15" tweed combo. The cathode will follow. Single phase and three phase power transformers Small printed circuit to 30 KVA Complete prototype design and product testing Custom power applications and tube type audio High voltage, medical, and power amplifications Large machine tool and control type UL, CSA, VDE, CE, and IEC specifications The Fender and Marshall circuits are each tailored to suit their own styles, which are quite different. For the Blackface Vibroverb I prefer more iron! A Twin Reverb transformer meets the bill. 201-991-3300. The secondary side of the Power Transformer in the amplifier, as well as illuminating the pilot light. Model Power Output Choke Reverb. some signs of use typically found on a 47 year old amplifier. Fender occasionally got them wrong, as some have reported 4-ohm transformers in Showman, and vice-versa. Fender Champion 600 Output Transformer Another difference between the new Fender Champion 600 and the older Fender Champ 5E1 and 5F1 circuits is the higher supply voltage (also called the B+ voltage) and an accompanying higher impedance primary on the output transformer in the Champion 600. All component codes – even this note scrawled inside the chassis indicating completion on the 48th week of ’68 – add up to an unusually late blackface amp. 1968 Fender Pro Reverb Tube Amplifier. ClassicTone Transformers (Home Page) >> ClassicTone Part Number and Specifications Guide . output transformer tubes . It has been gone through and has no "old amp" issues. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. Power Fender Style Transformers. fuse holder, conical cap, vintage Fender style What kind of choral singing might be. Reminder: We are still in need of information about any and all Fender tube amps. ) is an original 1965\66 Fender Vibro Champ Blackface as described above and seen in photos. On the left is the power transformer, with a code ending in “6802″. S. The providence of this particular amp also includes being part of the legendary Gil Southworth Fender amp collection (see fifth pic which was Still, if you want to give him the benefit of a doubt you can check the transformer codes. Appears to be all original except maybe the plug on the power cord may have been replaced. Use the latest one to give you a good idea of when it was made. Transformers can be installed within electrical equipment, as separate individual transformers, as polyphase banks of two or more single-phase transformers operating as one unit, as exposed coils, or completely enclosed with or without ventilating openings. The amp has a newer 3 prong power cord. 99. Transformer Testing: The industry standard testing called HIPOT Testing (it stands for "High Potential") applies a high DC voltage between each transformer lead and the case, and in some instances between individual leads. Great amp for guitar or bass! Features: 70 Watts into 4 Ohms. I For example: a transformer code of 606432, in a Blackface era Fender amp . Please make sure the amplifier transformer which you are replacing has a Fender number matching the equivalent Fender transformer number listed here. I suspect the output transformer may be bad and am looking for information about it. From the Fender website: DATING FENDER AMPLIFIERS (INCLUDING SILVERFACE AND BLACKFACE AMPS) USING TRANSFORMER CODES In general, Fender amps that don&#8217;t have rubber-stamped tube sticker date codes have EIA numbers on their transformers that might enable determination of the production date. The late 70s high power silver face amps (Twin, Bassman 135, Showman, etc. . With 750 volts available at the power tranny's secondary you could prolly run anything up to and including a pair of 6CA7/EL34's. TR-OT-CT-40-18111. For example, if your silverface super reverb has transformer codes all from 1974, it was made in 1974! Another example: a speaker code of 220820, in a Tweed era Fender amp (1950’s – early 1960’s), would be Jensen (220), manufactured in 1958 (8) in the 20th week (20) VINTAGE FENDER TRANSFORMER USAGE CHART. Note on date codes. Download Firmware (v1. NOS Fender® Fiberboards A throw back in time these Fiberboards were the innards to the Fender® Rhodes pianos. Power transformer codes all from 1965 and costly hydraulic and where it. Year of Production: 1966 Model/Circuit Number: AB763 Chassis Code: A07141 Transformer Code: 606607 Tube Chart Code: PL (December 1966) Production Number: #98 Configuration: Combo This is the Holy Grail of the Twin Reverb Amps. The power tubes in almost all Fender tube amps were either 6V6s or 6L6s. The P12N, on a good day, can handle 20 watts. I don't own the amp. Power tubes are Sovtek 6L6WXT+ It has had one mod installed: 1980 Fender Bandmaster Reverb in road-worn condition. And then comes the standard Fender +100% / -50% tolerance. guitarHQ. Please send the old Fender tranny to Boogiebabies, 1317 Ross Street, Petaluma NY 10001. For your consideration we have a very rare all original 1966 Fender Blackface Twin Reverb electric guitar amplifier previously owned by Eric Johnson. Original transformers should have date codes in the 64/65 - 67 range, and the part numbers should be 125P1B or 022772 (Power), 125A10B or 022913 (Output), and 125A20B or 022921 (reverb driver). Example: FG=July 1956, QA=January 1967, and a reissue CG=July 1992 EIA Source-Date Codes: Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stampted with a date code indicating who manufactured them and when. Bring that old guitar or amplifier back up to working condition with these vintage parts & hardware. The TO26 isn’t necessary because the 5881s can’t pull more than 25 watts from the power transformer. Of course the tubes have been changed over time, the filter caps were changed in the last few years, and the two-pronged power cord was replaced with a three-pronged one. The Fender Bassman used a Fender Twin power transformer in many cases. here are some specs--I cant imagine the Fender topping this: Custom wound output transformer. com is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Code Manufacturer Part(s) 24: Becker: Foster Transformer: Transformers, Speakers Up for sale is a fabulous sounding and fairly clean 1967 Fender Super Reverb 4×10 Blackface combo amplifier. 50 watt power transformer. The complete head (chassis, transformers, etc. This code can be found on the power transformer, output transformer, choke, and reverb transformer. I'm just trying to figure out if the OT is original, and what current production power transformer is correct. The transformer codes are as follows: 606903, 606609, 606604, and 606734. The reason I'm asking is that the amp (with a JA code on the tube chart) has what looks like a Fender replacement output transformer. Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. ClassicTone 1W Power Transformer # 40-  The differences between these amps are the output transformers, feedback The number 4 corresponds to a Super and the tube chart code on Ed's example . It has a larger footprint than the chassis was originally drilled out for. They used a code like this: In almost every Fender amplifier there are several EIA manufacturer codes followed by a date code, typically found dating winnipeg the speaker stransformer fender amp datingtubes, caps, and occasionally pots. Actual output power is somewhere in the vicinity of 45W because of screen voltage sag. Like all silverface amps, the Vibrolux Reverb was modified in the CBS periods to increase the clean headroom. 9A = 9. For EL34! Mounting centers are 3. Date Codes - Power Transformer: 606 350 1963 week 50 - Output "This era of Fender amp never had an amp Logo but was given white knobs to compliment the "new The date codes ('KJ') on the tube chart (pasted to the bottom of the head cabinet as is per normal with 1961 model Fender amps) indicate its build taking place at the factory during October of 1961. 95: P782 EXP 240V Export Power Transformer for Dynaco MkII & MkIII Sunn MADE IN USA $179. 40-watt tube amplifier. These are codes often seen stamped on components found in US made vintage tube equipment. Fender 1964 Blackface Super Reverb Combo Amp most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender instruments and amps, in the process making the company not The Fender Bandmaster was a musical instrument amplifier made by Fender. 220v or 240v the directions for 120v say tie brown&brown/white,tie black & black/white apply 120v brown&brown/white to black&black/white. 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier in very good condition. I Didn’t Know That! – Some Fender amp expert I turned out to be. Bandmaster reverb, and variants to date a precise date codes date a wide panel and marshall. Super Champ™ X2 Manual. 6V6GT beam power tetrode power tube 1 . The Vibrolux Reverb has become a very popular amp since The ToneQuest Report published the article “Under 40 Watt of Whoop Ass“, awarding the VR as the most preferred low wattage Fender amp. Super Champ™ X2 Support . The cabinet is 1976 Bandmaster Reverb 2x12 in great condition. Web N°: 40-0115. If you share pics we can do it. Reissue ’65 Deluxe Reverb (This is the model name for warranty claims) SERVICE MANUAL TYPE: PR 239 DECEMBER 1993 REV A IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information contained herein is CONFIDENTIAL and PROPRIETARY to Fender Musical Instruments Corp. A stock VR offers a wide range of tonal Like all silverface amps, the Vibrolux Reverb was modified in the CBS periods to increase the clean headroom. 2 - 6L6GC power tubes. It then evolved to a 3x10" 26-watt tweed combo. Whether it’s a vintage amp or a recent model such as this Fender Pro Reverb, hum can have several causes. Hammond P/N, Fender Amp, Similar Fender P/N's*, Fender Chassis No. Meanwhile the Bronco schematic shows the voltage at the first power supply filter cap as 420V DC. were kept as close as possible to the original part to preserve the stock "tone". Hand wired. Warning: Not all amplifier models of the same name use the same transformer model. Date Code: Most Fender Wide Panel Tweed, Narrow Panel Tweed, Brown, Blonde, and Blackface amps will have a For example: a transformer code of 606432, in a Blackface era Fender amp (1960's), would be Schumacher (606), Power  14 Oct 2017 This code can be found on the power transformer, output transformer, choke, and reverb transformer. We warrant our parts to be free of manufacturing defects and in 100% working condition when product is received. Jeff, remember I`m strictly talking POWER transformers. is a output transformer designed to handle Fender amp dating. View the dating amps this way is Fender never deviated-still valid today. This is one of the reasons the Twin Reverb sounds so clear and clean. DATING FENDER AMPLIFIERS (INCLUDING SILVERFACE AND BLACKFACE AMPS) USING TRANSFORMER CODESIn general, Fender amps that don’t have rubber-stamped tube sticker date codes have EIA numbers on their transformers that might enable determination of the production date. Cosmetically the amp shows wear consistent wi A 1964 Fender piggyback Bassman head and 2x12 cabinet in Rare Blonde Tolex, very good condition. Customers have been delighted with the sound of this transformer and amazed at how authentic it is to the original one. (The part that Fender produces today is literally identical to the 1950s specifications). Original Fender® reverb driver for Pro Reverb. Fender adopted a two-letter date-coding system for its amplifiers. 1 - 12AT7 tubes. Takes pedals extremely well. Used 1969 Fender Super Reverb serial number A42554. Transformer and Wire Color Standards for Tube amps. The Third Party Inspection for power transformer article provides a sample procedure /instruction for power transformer testing and inspection in manufacturing shop. A stock VR offers a wide range of tonal NOTE: The transformer number tells you when the transformer was made and not necessarily the date the amplifier left the Fender Factory, the “2 Letter” date code on the Tube Chart or QA Sticker actually tells you that and that makes it the most accurate option for dating the month and year it was made. Tremolo works. Speaker codes indicate Oxford speakers. 95. 12AX7 dual triode _ preamp tube panel hardware . FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA - Vintage 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, serial number A 04164. knob 1 . Use the AC Wall wart below to power this transformer. If you have a peak at my pictures, you will see that the replacement PT is massive. The power transformer on the left is an 8160, the choke is a 14684 and the output transformer on the right is an 1848. 23 Apr 2004 Fender amp frequently asked questions. * Jensen paper, copper foil, and oil coupling capacitors. This amp model was produced 1948-1967. From a distance, the two look similar. Amp Features: • 70 Watts into 4 Ohms • 2 - 6L6GC power tubes • 1 - 12AX7a tubes • 1 - 12AT7 tubes • 3 - 7025 tubes Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible). Note: Use 12 volts AC, not DC to power this tranny. The output transformer looks to be covered with rust or is some type of replacement also. It's weight is bending the chassis. Temporary K codes are developed by the DME MACs to report supplies and other products for which a national code has not yet been developed. 4* Fire Area Determination. Home; My Account; Sign in or Create an account Chosing A Replacement Output Transformer Now lets assume we have a set that has an output transformer with an open winding that must be replaced, and the output tube is a single 6F6. The power tranny read 606-6-08 Part number 012413 (Unknown amp type) It would be nice if both of these were 1960's part numbers, but really, what are the chances I have a 6G6 Bassman output transformer sitting around my studio. $ Vintage Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. We will replace a dead or defective part within 10 days. The problem (well its a matter of preference)is my power transformer with a GZ34 makes those 6v6`s run about 435. Fender amp frequently asked questions. Its strength lies in the sweetness and early breakup caused by the smaller transformers than the Super Reverb, Vibroverb and Pro Reverb. Fender Tube amp codes: 1953-1970 - (look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp)- the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the month. The output transformer code indicates February 1966. NEW TRANSFORMER On upright and cabaret model games, a new power transformer with 8 primary and 12 secondary terminals (part no. Fender, like all companies, ordered parts in huge quantities, put them in shelves and bins, and often pull the oldest ones LAST. A good upgrade for later issue Marshall amplifiers. Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible). ADDITIONAL MANUFACTURER EIA CODES. The white / neutral wire should go straight to the other side of the transformer. Also if the amp was made in 1950s, the capacitors ground would be soldered directly to the chassis. Fender Amplification including guitar, bass and acoustic amps as well as portable PA systems in stock and available for rapid delivery. This allows the power transformer to run a little cooler which is a good thing. Single 120V primary. Learn more about Fender electric basses. As guitarists discover this critical link between your power tubes and the speakers, the important effect it has on your amplifier’s character becomes obvious. Below are the two simple formulas to find the rating of Single phase and Three phase Transformers. When a second speaker is plugged in, the transformer's center-tap is selected, halving its output impedance to match the new, 4-ohm load. TR-CK-01. The 59 Model bridge pickup is a full sounding, versatile PAF style humbucker with an articulate treble attack, full bottom end, and scooped midrange. Mebbe even 6550/KT88's. All three are original and correct for 5E4 and 5E4-A Fender Supers. $ Upgrade Speaker Wiring w/ Switchcraft for Fender 2 x 10" Guitar Amp Custom Made. transformer, output tweed 5F1 4 & 8 ohm tap. Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions. There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page. Spring Reverb Construction and Operation transformer, ClassicTone 40-18027. Everything is confidential, we don't make record of who owns what amp in the RE: Tubes- Mar’ Himmerich is correct. Works as follows, they have 6 numbers, first three is the EIA manufacturer, ignore this. If your amp dosen't have a date code, flip the amp upside-down and check the transformers, and . 9A or (5V X 1. It is not to Fender Hammond Fender Hammond Fender Hamond Fender Hammond Fender - Hammond Transformer Chart POWER OUTPUT CHOKE REVERB 6G15 68319 NA 125C3A 194A 125A12A 6G15 125P24A N/A 125C3A 194A 125A12A 6G14 67233 45550 125C1A 194B N/A AA763 125P34A 290FX/291FX 125A30A 125C1A 194B N/A Dual Showman AB763 125P34A 290FX/291FX 125A29A 1750W/1760W 125C1A 194B N/A Amplifier Transformers: Magnetic Components, Inc. Power transformer code of 8087, pot codes of 304738, capacitor codes from '56 and '57, and a chassis stamp of S01789 date the amp to '57. Start the Tube PCB Assembly and Power Supply PCB Assembly removal by marking and disconnect-ing the fast-on connections from the Power Transformer, Output Transformer, Choke and Mute Switch. Turning over the chassis, I was able to get a look at the manufacturer’s codes on the power transformer, output transformer, and filter choke. This denotes that it was made in the 2nd week of 1968. These are labeled as P3-P8, P49, & P50 from the Power Supply PCB and P21-P23, P25 & Excellent condition, 40-watt all tube guitar combo, 4x10”CTS speakers (all date to 1973, as do all transformer codes), 2x6L6 power, blackface-style control panels replace original silverface, sounds great – blackface looks &amp; sound at a fraction of the price! #15980 $900. Remember, you run 5881s at your own risk. Also, things got a little crazy during Fender's last few months in the Fullerton factory, and when the management buyout was complete (March 1985) they had some parts but no factory. Recently there's been a fad for "parts Among its other quirks is a power transformer with a 1961 date code, but which appears to be factory stock. ” – 1965-1966 Fender Fine Electric Instruments catalog Fender Tone Circuits Fender Transformer Codes Fender Treble Caps Audio Amp and Gear Power Line Filter EMF/RFI Suppression removes noise $99. The last is the reverb tra How can I find out when my old Fender® banjo was manufactured? How can I find out how old my instrument is if it uses an odd or non-standard serial numbering scheme; What can you tell me about the historical patent markings that appear on some of your products? 606-5-25 for a a Schumacher transformer built in the 25th week of 1965. They were still using four 6L6 tubes and went with a different "ultra-linear" output transformer. 5Y3 rectifier tube rectifier tube 1 . 110V / step down transformer and new Fender double foot-switch included. Built to vintage specs with exact interleave ratios and materials. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The cabinet has a number printed inside on the bottom H447168 (maybe built in 1968?). please see photos. Size is 40mm x 40mm x 19mm high. No Speaker codes but they are confirmed to be ceramic Utah speakers. The AC coming in is at 335 volts you would expect that of a 70`s power transformer. Has a 3 prong power cable. Fender Bandmaster Reverb in road-worn condition. I also assume that the Mark 1 Boogies would have been in a similar situation in that it would be easier to simply order one power transformer and two output transformers than four different transformers. 1 Richard Kuehnel, Circuit Analysis of a Legendary Tube Amplifier: The Fender Bassman 5F6-A, 3rd ed. , All original amp with all 1966 date codes on the transformers. 1979 Fender Bassman Ten in great condition. We know that, Transformer always rated in kVA. 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb~Amp with Vibrato! “The Fender Princeton/Reverb Amp is the result of much effort on the part of Fender engineers to combine in one instrument the desirable features which have been suggested dealers, teachers, and studio operators. 95 I own some parts from a Fender Super Reverb amp which Im guessing is about a 1965 or so. For safety and conformance to modern electrical codes, make sure that the black wire from the 120 VAC supply line connects to the fuse, and the fuse output connects to the standby switch, and the output of the standby switch to the power transformer. Some early models had both a microphone input and instrument inputs. Summary (from Fender Guru site): The 35w blackface Vibrolux Reverb (VR) is the smallest member of the blackface/silverface 6L6 Fender amp family. 85VAC across the two green filament wires. For vintage Fender® amps (NOT Reissues!) from the original blackface and silverface eras which have two power tubes (6L6 or 6V6). AND 1959 / 1960 Fender Tremolux Amplifier - 5G9 circuit. This is an exact hand wound reproduction of the original 784-139 50W output transformer used in Marshall amps from the late 60's through late 70's. Toroidal Power transformer Used to power tube pedals. Transformer - Hammond, Guitar Amplifier, replacement for Fender | Antique Electronic Supply Fender amp frequently asked questions. One power tube "pushes" current through the output transformer while the other power tube "pulls" current. The speaker codes are in the form 109xxxx or 67-xxxx; the transformer codes are 606-xxx. It has the original Fender (Oxford) speakers and original vibrato and reverb foot switch. Also note the vertical black lines on the control panel (found on earliest silverface amps) and the large ceramic power resistors coming off the power tube sockets which indicates the AB568 circuit. However, the power transformer has been replaced, so I decided to compare the voltages in this amp with readings that have been taken from an original example. Dual Showman was made as early as 1964: Showman had an 8-ohm output transformer for a 1×15″ cabinet, Dual Showman had a 4-ohm output transformer for a 2×15″ cabinet. Fender Musical Instruments Corp. A technician will measure the wires to determine if the hook up is correctusually don't need colors to test it. Strat-Talk. Which it is not. Pot codes and source codes information below: The following information is taken from excerpts from www. The one I HAVE IN THERE JUST HAPPENS TO FIT THE DATES OF ALL THE OTHER DATE CODES IN THE AMP. Reverb pan is new as is a 3-prong a/c cord. voltage from the power transformer secondary is tapped off Welcome to Ron's Vintage. The speaker indicates 1960. The work was all done to the highest professional standards. The backside of the blackface and silverface Fender amps contains the no longer relevant ground switch and the secondary power input. I measured 337VAC across the 2 red high voltage wires (there is no center tap for this winding), 6. This (and the 5K load) limits the power to 5 or 6 watts. A 1964 Fender piggyback Bassman head and cabinet in Rare Blonde Tolex, very good condition. Used Power Transformer choke for Fender Super Bassman Pro Vibroverb Fender Reverb Transformer For Twin Reverb, Deluxe, Vibroverb Etc. In August 1967, Fender changed the cosmetics from the “blackface” to the “silverface” style. Power Transformer for Tweed 5E5-A, 5E7, 5E8-A, 5F4, and 5F6-A Amplifiers MOJO752EX $119. Marshall amps are best at low-middley and This is problematic, but lately folks are feeling more comfortable finding the transformer date codes and sending them to us with the serial number/model name for their silverface amps. Transformer and Wire Color Code Standards. (some exceptions not impossible) When a transformer is replaced (factory or otherwise) the spec sheet comes with the transformer. 2) Hoffman Amplifiers Fender Eyelet Board Order Page Watch this Shopping cart tips video Hand wired point to point eyelet boards You have a choice of FR4/G10 Glass epoxy board material in two colors The FR4/G10 eyelet boards do not need a backing board, you mount FR4/G10 boards with standoffs Calculate & Find the Rating of Single Phase & Three Phase Transformers in kVA. They upped the power rating from 100 WRMS to 135 as a response the the Music Man amps that were 130 WRMS. Click on photo for larger view: Fender® Vintage Amp (60`s Blackface and 70`s Silverface) Power Tube Socket replacement kit. 0037610000 Fender® OUTPUT TRANSFORMER Output transformer for Fender® Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville 410, Blues Deluxe 112, Blues Deluxe 410, Blues Deville 112 and Blues Deville 410 amps. The early amps had these metal plates with Fender’s block letter logo. The idea is to test for shorts that occur as a result of arcing between the leads and the winding wires in the transformer. There are many types of transformers with just as many different uses. 5(432V-87V)(345mA-0mA) = 60W. I disconnected the high voltage leads from the rectifiers, as well as pulled all tubes from the chassis. Beginning in 1960, Bandmaster amps were equipped with a vibrato effect. ALL other Fender Amplifiers can be dated by the components inside: In almost every Fender amplifier there are several EIA (manufacturer) codes followed by a date code, typically found on the speaker(s), transformer(s), tubes, caps, and occasionally pots. Good replacement for JMP and JCM 800s. If you see your amp here and some of the information is missing feel The fender amp field guide is a decent for info BUT if you really want to know what you have you need to check your chassis serial code on the back right of the chassis (to the right of the speaker jacks) against the transformer codes on the choke and power transformer (PT too). Primary impedance 4250 ohms. Replacement Power Transformer for Fender 125P34A & 022756. It was first incorporated in a Fender® amplifier with the Vibroverb® of 1963 and then spread widely throughout the amp line, just as vibrato/tremolo had before it. Note: Not for Hot Rod Deville 212, Blues Deville 212, or Blues Deluxe 212. 2007 amps have no distinguishing features. FENDER Tube Amplifier / Amp / Serial Number, Date - Dating, Speaker code EIA numbers taken from the transformers may help you to determine the date of  20 Apr 2018 I have a 66 Fender Pro Reverb amp I'm trying to sell. Specifically to nuclear power plants 5. 12 volts AC input produces a B+ of about 240 VDC when under load. The “Vintage Guitar Info” site mentions that some late 70’s Fender amp serial numbers could be read in reverse. Also in the back panel there are 12 holes for output, reverb, and any other switches you desire. The 6. for a Princeton but please don’t take my word for it and research the part codes fully . Mounting centers at 2" x 2. Fender PRINCETON 112 PLUS Service Manual The codes and what they mean are as DESIGNATION The A. First, the 135 WRMS is mostly wishful thinking from Fender. REPAIR SHOP Repair of Fender Frontman 15G Fault - The amplifier was totally dead . All but one of the transformer codes date the amp to 1964 while the other dates it to 1965. The transformers can be found hanging from the bottom of the chassis. The numbers on the transformer are J022814 606 09717 CSA I believe the transformer will work in Fender BF and SF Bassman Pro amp. If any of the subassemblies of the unit (or all of them in combination) draw excess current then the protect light will illuminate and the power supply shut down to prevent any damage to the system. References. Fender Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! Including: fender 30 schem, fender 57 twin amp guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman manual, fender 63 reverb guitar amplifier schematic, fender 63 reverb manual, fender 63 ri vibroverb schem, fender 65 deluxe reverb guitar amplifier schematic, fender 65 deluxe reverb Back is pouched for power, standby, ground and extension outlet. It is called the 'Manufacture Date Code'. Hammond items are not stocked but ordered as we get orders and are usually drop shipped via U. power transformer 1 . Low enough power to get great tube breakup at manageable volume. "Classic" We are currently integrating the Peter W. Usually this isn't too difficult. AA763 125P5D 125A7A 125C1A 022921. The Power Transformer and Output Transformer are attached to the other side of the  Fender Super Reverb, Pro, Pro Reverb, Bandmaster Reverb, Bassman 10 Power Transformer, 125P5D, 125P5DX, 022798, 022806, 120/240V. The following chart, was originally printed in VG magazine, by Gerald Weber. Transformer codes date the chassis to 1970. Original Jensen 10" speaker driving 12-15 watts. Bassman Twin showman super Bandmaster Please take a look at photos Please verify fit before purchase Thanks for looking up for sale is a vintage 1966 fender princeton reverb which is in nice clean condition. Like our PC Mount power transformers, Triad Magnetics’ Dual Primary, Dual Secondary PC Mount power transformers are suitable for a wide range of PC power, control, and instrumentation applications and are designed plug-in ready to meet any solid state or PC board application. These are the transformers for Vibroverbs. Amp is labeled by Fender as 185 watt RMS output. The 6 digit code indicates what manufacturer made the speaker and when it was made. Fender® part number 050438. 0 volt taps are heater supplies for the pre-amp/power-amp tubes and the rectifier, respectively. * Tube compliment is one 5Y3GT, one or two 6V6 Tung Sol (RI), two 12AX7 Mullard. It's still not really miuch more power than the earlier 100 WRMS version. The data on this page reflects the approximate year that these amplifiers were made and not the actual dates of manufacture of the amplifier. DATING FENDER AMPLIFIERS (INCLUDING SILVERFACE AND BLACKFACE AMPS) USING TRANSFORMER CODES In general, Fender amps that don't have rubber-stamped tube sticker date codes have EIA numbers on their transformers that might enable determination of the production date. specializes in amplifier transformers! More than 80% of our transformers manufactured is for this market and bring over 70 years transformer manufacturing expertise to our product. 12. It was pretty much unmolested other than missing the 6L6's and the whiskey dents. Date codes for chassis indicates early 1979 manufacture, transformer date codes indicate 1979 components. Speaker looks to be a 60s era Utah instead of stock Oxford for this model. 95: SpeakerTerminal Strips for Dynaco Amplifiers/ 4 Screw-type (2 pack) $11. Fender Twin Reverb Power Transformer Twin Reverb '65 Reissue Power Transformer. 2 x 6L6 -> 8 ohm speaker load. It puts out 50W at 4ohms and was originally sold with a 2x12 cabinet Leo Fender Fender Guitars Bass Amps Guitar Amp Cool Guitar Marshall Speaker Vintage Guitars Woodstock Rigs Not exactly code but the appendix of NFPA 20 - A. All NOS tubes available. the face plate looks very nice. 1. Up for sale is a fabulous sounding and fairly clean 1967 Fender Super Reverb 4×10 Blackface combo amplifier. As you know the deluxe reverb lacks a mid control on the front Hammond Power Transformer 279X Please see the Hammond website (www. Special order products can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. It's a rare 117-220V export version with all original transformers. The front panel says Fender ELEC INST CO which is characteristic of 1964 and earlier. The tweed, grill, handle, knobs, back panels, and innards are all there. Transformers: Power and output rated for 100 watt setup. When your order arrives at the store, we will call you to let you know your product is ready for pickup. Amps that use this smaller 28-watt transformer are always going to have that certain compression and dynamic that defines an output transformer going into saturation. Item List. Possible culprits include the preamp tubes, the power tubes, the hum balance resistors, and the power supply caps. They are all usually within a few months of  A chart showing the output transformer numbers and impedances for all the various models of vintage Fender Musical Instrument guitar amplifiers. Hi eveybody i'm happy owner of the doing but i think. The cabinet is not original pairing to the head. A Princeton Reverb has 3 transformers - power, output, and reverb driver. Best Regards CE Oxford Speakers - A History Lesson *** Excerpt from an article written by Greg Gagliano for Vintage Guitar Magazine: ***** Oxford speaker letter codes denote power handling. Seymour Duncan '59 Humbucker-4 Conductor-Bridge. The codes and what they mean are as follows: A 27. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Style, 40W Output Transformer,. It was introduced in 1953 and discontinued in 1974. This amp is all original except for the newer Accutronics reverb tank and new 3 pin power cord with earth tag. Fender used the same NFB circuit in the 6V6, 2x6L6 and 4x6L6 amps even though their power amps put out different voltages. By providing a garage sale and transformer codes is no date: fender bassman 50 ab165 tube chart? Post sam, etc. Does anyone know the primary impedance of the audio output transformer ? I've looked all over but have not been able to find it yet. Vintage 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, serial number A 04164. 95: Z565-48 17. Heres a quick way to date Fender amps ('60-82). She sounds and performs great with nice clean headroom and beautiful breakup if played loud. It's here for a cap job and power transformer replacement. "2. The middle one is a CTS pot (Chicago Telephone Supply, manufacturer #137) from the 30th week of 1966. Replacement transformer for Twin Reverb®, Dual Showman®, Bassman® 100. Below is a diagram of a typical power transformer. The Blues Junior power transformer can barely provide enough power to run 5881s, so the impedance doesn’t matter much (it gets more important at full power). I hate 'em. On this deluxe reverb shown on the picture we have installed a mid switch, aka a Fat boost, where the power input used to be on the most left side. I'm not a Fender expert, but I've never heard of or seen a late seventies Vibro Champ with a blackface panel. per Piece Fender Super Reverb, Pro, Pro Reverb, Bandmaster Reverb, Bassman 10 Power Transformer, 125P5D, 125P5DX, 022798, 022806, 120/240V 4 digit date codes were used in the 1960's and later (this makes determining the year much simplier!) On 3 digit date codes, you have to "guess" the decade of the pot or speaker. One alternate scheme is: 274 940. As far as transformer codes are concerned, that's no way to determine a definite date on a Fender product - Fender made/ordered parts in large batches and it's not uncommon for Fender products to contain parts made 2 or 3 years before the finished item was shipped, so it's a very rough indicator indeed. The footswitch is A damaged amplifier is an obvious reason for changing parts out. Who doesn’t think a Vibrolux is sweeter sounding than a Super Reverb? Now you know why. Direct power replacements for vintage and current Fender® models made to the original specs. 2". A 1970 transformer would not be in a 1968 amp. 100 Watts. I found an Oxford ad in a 1960s trade magazine with the peak power Some blackface Fender amps use an 8-ohm, center-tapped transformer. The guitar signal enters at pin 5 (control grid) and leaves via pin 3 (plate) and flows through the output transformer (OT). Fender Super Reverb Fender Twin Reverb Fender Vibrosonic Reverb Fender Quad Reverb. The B+ voltage is about 300 to 310 volts with 300B's, depending on the bias current. Grams. The amplifier head has been retolexed. Fantastic condition. Part#, Mounting, Height, Length, Width, Watts, Primary, Sec. R156. 1957 Fender Low-Power It was a long time ago looking at the cap codes and the amount of film they were coated in. It has mostly new tubes Original Vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb, 1966 Beautiful Deluxe Reverb combo amp with clean grill. C. Custom wound power transformer, No harsh high voltages. 25 Please click on transformer for wiring diagram. Up for sale is a fabulous sounding and clean 1966 Fender Super Reverb 4×10 Blackface combo amplifier. The newest pot code we could find 1376917 (CTS 1969). The result is the 2x6L6 amps get about 25% more NFB than the 2x6V6 amps and the 4x6L6 get around 30% more NFB than the 2x6L6 amps. Have a 70's model super twin with weak output. Ultimate DIY Project Power Transformer Universal Multi-Tap Guitar HiFi Amp MADE IN USA $199. Output transformer replaced with a Triad If it "is" the original power transformer: This amp was made in 1964. Details about Vintage Fender Champ/vibrocha mp Power Transformer. Click on the links below to see the data sheets, Fender Style Output Transformer spec's. for power transformer wire Up for sale is a fabulous sounding and fairly clean 1967 Fender Super Reverb 4×10 Blackface combo amplifier. They are all usually within a few months of each other. The schematic will sometimes give the dc resistance of the windings but that doesn't help us know what impedance the transformer should be. 5. 0037099049. Here is a list of some of the speaker manufacturers and their EIA codes: Tube Guitar Amplifier - Power Transformers 290 Series REPLACEMENT & UPGRADES Features Designed for drop in replacement of original units. Usually single Transformers Transformers & Chokes. With power, G1 must be within 1 volt of ground. Special orders processed in a Fry's Electronics store are billed when the order is processed. The N and LL suffixes denote a high power rating, with "high power" being a relative term. 3 volt and 5. 4 - 10" Fender Special-Design Transformer codes: Power Transformer - F022756 606922 Output Transformer - 022889 606930 Choke - 022699 606-9-23 Reverb Transformer is non original and is too big to use both mounting screws Chassis codes: Chassis back - A 23533 Chassis inside - T 35098 Am I correct in identifying this amp as mid summer to late fall of 1969? I've finally come to terms with selling my Holy Grail amp, an original 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb in excellent condition, with the most highly coveted original Jensen C10q speakers. good working order and sounds great. , (Seattle: Amp Books, 2009). Power Cord Color Codes. There are many transformer installations where pressure connectors and fender washers were installed without removing the paint from the point of connection. Keep in mind that this is supposedly while using the same 5Y3 rectifier and same 125P1B mains transformer as the CBS-era Vibro Champ, though if everything else in the amp is the same, this is theoretically impossible. Power up using a variac and measured both sides of the high voltage t be certain they tracked as voltage increased. This is a blonde '64 Fender Bassman that has been serviced with new tubes, new filter capacitors and grid load resistors and a new power chord. originally these amps shipped with 6550 power tubes. A swing from 87V, 345mA to 432V, 0mA creates an RMS output power of 0. The bottom set is the date code. If aesthetics are 6837 x 5 years now has one the btoad-btush. P. Original Mesa Transformer most likely would have been 100-162318 if you cannot live with the Fender replacement. The Twin reverb output transformer is designed to work most efficiently with the following impedances/loads and tube power configurations: 4 x 6L6 -> 4 ohm speaker load. Example-606423. Showman Power amp, 5 band eq, preamp, logic switching, low voltage power supply, AC power supply (pdf file) Next step was a test of the transformer itself. Looks like the power transformer is a replacement. Get the Stevie Ray tone you've been looking for! This amp sounds incredible. You’ll find 2 rows of numbers, top set is the Fender part #, always starts with a 022, in this case it would be 022921. Fender '57 Custom Twin-Amp Guitar Combo Amplifier (40 Watts, 2x12") Featuring the classic 5E8A circuit and a pair of beefy 6L6 power tubes, this tweed-covered 2x12" combo is a perfect addition to anyone's amp collection. hammondmfg. 6G16 125P6A 45217 125C1A 022921. 1 Equipment that increases the fire hazard (such as boilers) and is not related to fire protection systems should not be in a fire pump room. For a black face, this transformer would BLUES JUNIOR SERVICE MANUAL NOVEMBER 1995 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information contained herein is CONFIDENTIAL and PROPRIETARY to Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Without having a photo or specs, one can't really tell---power tranny must handle 2 6V6 power tubes and have windings for a 5Y3 or equivalent rectifier tube, volt rating of PT should be between 325-375 volts----output tranny should handle 15/20 watts at 8/4 ohms---both brand trannies are good quality, as long as they are in proper working condition and have specs to handle a 5E3 clone, hope In today’s world, the role of an amplifiers output transformer (OT) is well known. All original electronics with updated voltage transformer, original 2 x cabinet with period correct Oxfords. fender power transformer codes

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